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The Hotel Excelsior introduces a new service in the market: clay and hemp therapy. These products are composed exclusively of environmentally pure natural raw materials of the highest quality, with no artificial preservatives added. All the procedures are an ideal combination of two important aspects – the therapeutic aspect and the wellness, i. e. the preventive, aspect, focusing on the treatment of the skin not only of the body, but also of the face. A significant added value of these special procedures is, in addition to the therapeutic effect, also the cosmetic factor, since it uses natural means to take care of the skin of the whole body, prevents the aging process, hydrates and nourishes the skin, and supplies it with the necessary minerals and vitamins. The effectiveness of these new procedures is therefore very high and effective.

We are the first to make it possible for our guests to buy therapeutic products for home therapies and to take a piece of their spa to their homes, where they can continue the therapy.


In the hotel Excelsior, we have prepared the following therapeutic and spa procedures for you:

  • classical full-body and area-specific massage
  • aromatherapy and reflexology massage
  • underwater massage
  • manual lymphatic drainage
  • whirlpool and bubble baths
  • paraffin wax baths
  • oxygen therapy
  • gas injections
  • magnet therapy
  • peat pulp baths
  • inhalations
  • gas wraps
  • lymphatic therapy