Wellness is a very broad concept, including both the side of the spirit and the body. Primarily, the word wellness means a path to the harmony of mind, soul and body. The goal is to make a person feel good, which should therefore result from mental, physical, environmental and social well-being. We can meet the term wellness in the context of various workplaces (such as fitness centers), or perhaps with programs such as spas, Finnish saunas, etc.

To jump into the spa

If you are looking for a quality rest after a hard work week, then we can recommend this package. Such a restorative stay for your body and soul includes various procedures that will help you to relieve all stress.
Price from:7790

The most secret wish

What more could you wish for? Take time for your body and your mind and let yourself drift on the waves of pleasant sensations in the cozy environment of the Excelsior Hotel's Medical Wellness Center. Discover the magic of the spa, relax under the care of our experts and try the beneficial effects of relaxation procedures.
Price from:12680

A carefree Excelsior Christmas

Would you like to spend your Christmas in a different way? You can avoid the Christmas rush and let us take care of the preparation. We will bake your Christmas sweets, our cooks will prepare your carp and potato salad and you can have a good time in the hotel's room overlooking the beautiful snowy landscape. Christmas is a holiday of peace and quiet, so it is a perfect time for relaxing both your body and mind at our Hotel Excelsior.
Price from:25950

New Year's Eve ride

Wondering where to drink to celebrate the end of the old year and welcome the new one this year? Forget the TV and canapés and enjoy this year's New Year's Eve in a different, unconventional way! Rest, relaxation, excellent food and great fun - that's what Hotel Excelsior is all about. Experience the last hours of 2023 and step into the new 2024 together with us.
Price from:27950
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